Life Transitions

Gain greater resilience while learning how to navigate both planned and unexpected changes and all that goes with them.


Develop strategies for helping your children grow into happy, independent adults without going crazy yourself. Because of my background, I can be helpful with third-culture kids and their families.

Depression & Anxiety

Learn how to address depression’s negative self-talk while also gaining greater self-awareness and freedom in your daily life.


Because our deepest healing and most profound growth happen in relationships, partners often need coaching to understand each other and come to solutions and develop common goals. This includes forgiveness, giving each other the benefit of the doubt, and mutual satisfaction with love expressed verbally, physically, sexually, emotionally, spiritually.

Grief & Trauma

Gain release from devastating events through EMDR and Brainspotting. Overcome major losses and learn skills for letting go of the many things we say “No” to in order to fully embrace our life's “Yes.” Neuroscience tells us that our bodies hold onto everything from life-shattering events to the embarrassments from our elementary school teachers. Bilateral stimulation techniques enable our brains and bodies to gain release from these events.


Grow personally and professionally through supervision and consultation. The task for vocations such as pastoral counselors, chaplains, social workers, MFTs (and those in training within these disciplines) is to be as present and available as possible, while also staying mindful of the self, the other, and the various systems in which each of us operates. Together we practice thinking reflectively and creatively and develop a greater capacity for care of self while caring for others.

Imagine Being Heard

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