Each of us is made in the Image of God with gifts and attributes intended for our own enjoyment as well for the enrichment of the world. Each of us deserves to know we are loved and to be welcomed into this life just because of who we are. Very few people are fortunate enough to have this experience.  The injuries and fears that most of us have as part of growing up may block our access to a rich, full life.  It is as if each self is a beautiful piece of stained glass that has been covered with mud.

My job as a therapist is to create a sacred space where we can explore who you are and who you hope to be, to find what may block your experiencing and expressing yourself as gifted and beloved.  Our work together serves to wash the mud-covered glass gently with warm water until the mud melts away and light shines through revealing the original image. With gentle attention and tender curiosity, we move toward freedom, self-expression, healed relationships, joy, and contribution.

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Individual Therapy

Life transitions, grief, trauma including EMDR and Brainspotting techniques.
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Couples & Family Therapy

Our deepest healing and most profound growth happen in relationships.
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Grow personally and professionally through supervision and consultation. The task for vocations such as pastoral counselors, chaplains, social workers, and MFTs.

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About Tere

I have been a psychotherapist in metro Atlanta for over 30 years. I view our work as conversation about you and your life. Although I am interested in past experiences, the focus of our work is the present…Read more…